NEF/TFA Procedures Change for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

Posted on September 26th, 2017

Now that the evacuation orders have been lifted and most of our members are able to return to their communities and residences to access damages and start the recovery/rebuilding process. The procedure of taking NEF/TFA grant applications for immediate checks  via the toll free telephone number will cease to be in operation effective Wednesday, September 27th.

National Emergency Fund (NEF) and Temporary Assistance (TFA) grant requests will now follow normal processing procedures.

NEF is available to American Legion and Sons of The American Legion members (up to $3,000) Legion Posts (up to $10,000) who were impacted by Harvey, Irma and Maria as well as all members who are displaced by other natural disasters declared by an appropriate government agency. Checks will still be placed in the mail within 48 hours of receipt of the grant application at National Headquarters.

Applicant must have been displaced from their primary residence which sustained damages from the hurricanes and/or follow-on flooding.

The application may be found at the following link on the national website —- . Applications should have receipts for out of pocket expenses such as temporary housing, food while displaced and other essentials to survive during the displaced period. The intent of the fund is not to replace household goods or the living facilities. These are insurance items. The fund is to be used to offset expenses needed in order to survive during the disaster period. Supporting data (photos, hotel, gas and food receipts, , etc.) should be included or statements (testimony) from post/district/department officers attesting to damages

NEF does not cover insurance compensation or monetary losses from a business, structures on member’s property (such as barns, tool sheds, etc.,) equipment or vehicles.

American Legion or Sons of the American Legion membership must be active at time of disaster and the time of application.

Post grants must state why The American Legion post will cease to perform the duties and activities in the community due to losses sustained. In addition, posts that served as community service centers during the disaster may also be eligible for a grant to offset their costs in providing food and other services to members of their community during these disasters.

The 90 day requirement for grant submission is waived for Harvey, Irma and Maria victims.

For TFA grants, no child can be considered eligible until a complete investigation is conducted at the post or department level, a legitimate family need is determined, and all other available assistance resources have been utilized or exhausted.

For more information or to apply, contact your local American Legion post, or American Legion department (state) headquarters, or visit our website—

For any questions on NEF, contact Bill Sloan, Assistant Director, Internal Affairs, email:  or phone: 317-630-1265.

Veterans Day dinner promotional resources online

Posted on September 25th, 2017

Promotional materials to help posts, units and squadrons serve up a bigger-than-ever Family First! Veterans Day dinner Nov. 11 are now available online at, in the area of the national website that hosts brochures, manuals, customizable ads and more from across the Legion’s scope of activities. They are also available at, in the area dedicated to the National American Legion Press Association (NALPA).  

American Legion National Commander Denise Rohan is calling on the Legion Family nationwide to invite community members to the dinner in order to share The American Legion and to begin raising awareness of the coming 100th anniversary of the organization.

Resources include:

– A suggested timeline for planning the event, tips on getting local sponsors involved, and a set of message points that can be presented, and localized, at the dinner or to the press.

– Sample letters of invitation to local groups to attend and participate in the dinner, a press release, a sample media advisory, a downloadable flyer with fields for posts to provide local information, social media posts (hashtag #LegionFamilyDinner) and a radio PSA.

Even after the Veterans Day Dinner, ideas can be taken from the materials as needed to be used in future events, such as a celebration of the Legion’s birthday in March or a Memorial Day get-together in May.

2018 Membership Cards

Posted on June 28th, 2017

The 2018 membership cards are in and we have started shipping them to the Posts that have certified. Most of the membership boxes are going out by UPS so watch for your delivery. One of the first things you will notice is the 2018 Membership cards are much longer, also national has redesigned the cards to allow more information to be provided on the card and the scanners at national will capture the data and update or add to a members record.

For those Post Adjutants out there that used the old template to print cards for new members, we have updated and posted the new template on the forms page in the Post forms section.

Post Adjutants will also notice that the section 1 & 2 of the membership cards do not fit straight in the 6 x 9 envelopes provided by Department, we have look at obtaining a longer envelopes but it will cause your postage rates to increase. Post Adjutant are asked to gently bend section 1 & 2 and the perforation without separating the two halves of the cards.