The American Legion School Awards Medal Program

Now that the 2020 – 2021 school year is in session, Legion posts are encouraged to visit local schools to promote the program and its awards.

Youth are often awarded for their scholastic achievements, but The American Legion believes they should also be praised when they demonstrate strong qualities of character and good citizenship. That’s why, since 1926, the Legion has recognized such students with its School Award Medal Program.


To instill character and help perpetuate the ideals of Americanism among youth.


  • Places emphasis on the development of the six core qualities of active citizenship; Courage, Patriotism, Honor, Scholarship, Leadership & Service.
  • Encourages the development of those ideals in young Americans in order to promote engaged citizenship.
  • Offers recognition for those youth deemed most dedicated to the high qualities of citizenship and true Americanism.


  • A vested interest in America’s youth
  • Emphasis on civics, history and humanities
  • Help develop active citizens of local students
  • Develop visibility in your community and its schools

You will find complete details on forming and operating an American Legion School Award Medal program at this LINK. 

A promotional brochure is available at this LINK.