Department Officers

The American Legion, Department of Texas is made up of over 65,000 Legionnaires in 480 Posts all across Texas. The Department is Divided into four Division with a Division Commander elected annually in the spring to serve a one year term to work on membership and to coordinate the activities of the Posts and Legionnaires within that geographical area. Each Division is divided into districts with a total of twenty-two Districts in The Department of Texas, each with a District Commander and other such officers as determined by each District. 

Donald "Gene" Toohey

D.E. “Gene” Toohey
Department Commander

2023 – 2024

The American Legion Department of Texas

Shirley Platt

Shirley Platt

Cheryl Williams

Gary Sanders

J.D. Langley

Celia Torres

Donald Toohey

Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms
Don Toohey

National Executive Committeeman
Kenneth Mueller

John Hince

Alternate National Executive Committeeman 
John Hince

Gerry Hince

Immediate Past Department Commander
Gerry Hince

1st Division

Left to Right: Shellie White – 4th District Commander; David Etter – 12th District Commander; Keith Wilkerson – 5th District Commander; Joseph Campbell – Dept Vice Commander, 1st Division; Patrick Taylor – 3rd District Commander; Andy Lowen – 1st District Commander; Chris Garcia – 13th District Vice Commander

2nd Division

Left to Right: Milton Chatham – 2nd District Commander; Steve Kim – 6th District Commander; Cyndi Miller – 11th District Commander; Steve Storey – 7th District Commander; C.W. “Butch” Sparks – Dept Vice Commander, 2nd Division; James McGuire – 22nd District Commander; Dwight Rumph – 8th District Commander

3rd Division

Left to Right: Doug Norton – 10th District Commander; Brain Kanke – 23rd District Commander; Albert Cavazos – 15th District Commander; Rich Huntley – Dept Vice Commander, 3rd Division; Danny Muth – 20th District Commander; Bradley Stavinoha – 9th District Commander; Jose “Tony” Lopez – 14th District Commander

4th Division

Left to Right: Karl Barfoot – 18th District Commander; Lewis Field – Dept Vice Commander, 4th Division; Tony Morgan – 16th District Commander; Jeffrey Eaton – 17th District Commander; Jeff Meurer – 21st District Commander


1st Division – Joseph Campbell

2nd Division – C.W. Sparks

3rd Division – Rich Huntly

4th Division – Lewis Field


Andy Lowen, 1st District Commander

Milton Chatham, 2nd District Commander

Patrick Taylor, 3rd District Commander

Sheillie White, 4th District Commander

Keith Wilkerson, 5th District Commander

Steve Kim, 6th District Commander

Steve Storey, 7th District Commander

Dwight Rumph, 8th District Commander

Bradley Stavinoha, 9th District Commander

Douglas Norton, 10th District Commander

Cyndi Miller, 11th District Commander

David Etter, 12th District Commander

Forrest Beadle, 13th District Commander

Jose Lopez, 14th District Commander

Albert Cavazos, 15th District Commander

Tony Morgan, 16th District Commander

Jeffrey Eaton, 17th District Commander

Karl Barfoot, 18th District Commander 

Terry Landrum, 19th District Commander

Danny Muth, 20th District Commander

Jeff Meurer, 21st District Commander

Jim McGuire, 22nd District Commander

Brian Kanke, 23rd District Commander

Staff Members

State Adjutant – Bill West

Director of Internal Affairs – Mike Simon

Service Officer – Houston Office – Mike Lacy

Service Office Houston – Ronald Taylor

Service Officer – Waco – Ron Peterson

Administrative Secretary – Nancy Bullard

Membership Secretary – Emily Robinson

Programs Secretary – Mamie Hughes

Webmaster & Legion Times Editor – Guymon Adams

Bookkeeper – Millie Flanary