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Baseball Chairman Form
Blanket Bonding Form
Boy Scout Chairman Form
Boy Scout Report
Boys State Chairman Form
Consolidated Post Report Monthly Data Excel
Consolidated Post Report Form
Instruction for Post Incorporation
Junior Shooting Chairman Form
Member Data Form
Membership Tools Quick Reference Guide
Oratorical Chairman Form
Post Audit Procedures
Post Certification Form
Post Children & Youth Report
National Post/Squadron Commander & Adjutant Report
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Release of Liability Form
Supply Request
Legion Transmittal Sheet
Ronald P. McCluskey Veterans Scholarship Application
Gold Brigade New Member Recruiter Award
Gold Brigade 5th Year Award
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Gold Brigade 10th Year Award
Silver Brigade Award
Bronze Brigade Award
Recruiter of the Year Form
VA Volunteer Award
Texas Lone Star Recruiter Pin
Chaplain of the Year Award
Jim Lemley “Post Adjutant” Award Form
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Compliance Policy
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Post Resolution Form
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