National IT Division Warning About Spam Emails

The American Legion National Headquarters IT Division is warning American Legion members to not immediately open attachments that come from what appear to be American Legion sources but may actually be spam.
There has been a recent increase in spam email that appear to come from an American Legion source. If you receive an email from what you think is an American Legion account and it includes an attachment, consider the following before clicking on the attachment:
• The sender name is not quite right. Maybe it only has the last name, or the email address after the name is not
• The attachment pretends to be an invoice, bill, statement, shipping notification or any other document that makes you want to open it.
• You generally do not receive email from the user or email from this user with an invoice attached. If you do then be certain the rest of the message makes sense.
• The words and tone of the message are choppy, i.e. poorly written or in bad English.
If you do happen to open an attachment and the body of the document has text asking you to enable or allow anything, stop.
If you have a question and are concerned it may not be from an American Legion source, please call our Customer Service line at (800) 433-3318.