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This is a new service for Post Adjutants where you can download some of the more commonly requested forms from the Department Headquarters. The forms are downloadable in one or more of the following formats: Adobe Acrobat PDF, Adobe Acrobat Fill in, Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel.

Department Manuals

Department Manuals
Department Objectives 2019 – 2020
Department Constitution and Bylaws
Department Membership Plan
Department Operating Structure
Department Strategic Plan
District Commander’s Guide
Membership – Public Relations Guide
Post Adjutants Manual
Post Administrative Manual
Post Membership Action Plan
Post Membership Training Guide
Post Officers Guide and Manual of Ceremonies
Risk Management Policy
Social Media Guidelines
Uniform Code of Procedures for Disciplinary Actions

Department Forms

Department Forms Download
Accept Department Appointment
Articles Of Incorporation
Color Guard Application
Department Media Awards Instructions
Department Media Awards Nomination Form
Department Media Awards Radio Form
Department Media Awards Television Form
EMS-Paramedic Application
Expense Statement Form
Fire Fighter Application
Law Enforcement Application
National Guard Reservist Award
Request Commander Visit
Request Dept. Officer Visit
Texas Emergency Fund Application

District Forms

District Forms Download
District Appointments
District Cert. of Officers
Div/Dist Finance Statements Excel
Planning Guide for Dist Conv.
Sugg. Agenda for Dist meeting

Division Forms

Division Forms Download
Division Appointments
Division Cert. of Officers
Div / Dist Cmdr Questionnaire
Div/Dist Finance Statements Excel
Planning Guide for Div Conv.
Sugg. Agenda for Div meeting

National Forms

National Forms Download
National Constitution & By Laws
Request for use of AL name and emblem

Post Forms

Post Forms Download
Membership Card Template
National Employer Award Nomination Forms
Baseball Chairman Form
Blanket Bonding Form
Boy Scout Chairman Form
Boy Scout Report
Boys State Chairman Form
Consolidated Post Report Monthly Data Excel
Consolidated Post Report Form
Instruction for Post Incorporation
Junior Shooting Chairman Form
Member Data Form
Membership Tools Quick Reference Guide
Oratorical Chairman Form
Post Audit Procedures
Post Certification Form
Post Children & Youth Report
National Post/Squadron Commander & Adjutant Report
Recommended Post Const. & By Laws
Release of Liability Form
Supply Request
Legion Transmittal Sheet
Ronald P. McCluskey Veterans Scholarship Application
Gold Brigade New Member Recruiter Award
Gold Brigade 5th Year Award
Gold Brigade 6th Year Award
Silver Brigade Award
Recruiter of the Year Form
VA Volunteer Award
Texas Lone Star Recruiter Pin
Chaplain of the Year Award
Jim Lemley “Post Adjutant” Award Form
Post Brochure Example
Post Children & Youth Report
Post 990 Compliance Policy
Post Resolution Form 990
Compliance Policy
Post Contract Regulations
Resolution Form
Post Resolution Form
Contractors Standards
Post Conflict of Interest Forms
Post Employee Conflict of Interest Forms
Guidelines for Selling Post Property

Program Forms

For Program Forms not posted here, please visit the respective program links to the left.
Program Forms Download
Texas Boys State Local Post Application Form (page 1) Excel | PDF
Texas Boys State Local Post Application Form (page 2) Excel | PDF
Texas Boys State Local Post Evaluation Form Excel | PDF
Texas Boys State Local Post Score Sheet Excel | PDF
Boys State Schedule

Oratorical Contestant Winner Registration Form