THE NATIONAL AMERICANISM COMMISSION of The American Legion was created by a recommendation made to and adopted by the National Convention held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1919. The recommendation was:

“We recommend the establishment of a National Americanism Commission of The American Legion, whose duty shall be the endeavor to realize in the United States the basic ideal of this Legion of 100 percent Americanism through the planning, establishment, and conduct of a continuous, constructive educational system designed to:

• Combat all anti-American tendencies, activities and propaganda;

• Work for the education of immigrants, prospective American citizens and alien residents in the principles of Americanism;

• Inculcate the ideal of Americanism in the citizen population, particularly the basic American principle that the interest of all the people are above those of any special interest or so called class or section of the people;

• Spread throughout the people of the nation the information as to the real nature and principles of American government;

• Foster the teachings of Americanism in all schools.

The commission is composed of a determined number of regular members. The term of each member is three years. The commission is chosen under such initial regulations as the National Executive Committee shall prescribe.