Texas American Legion Commander: ‘We will continue to call for the Resignation or Removal of State Land Official’

(AUSTIN, Texas – December 3, 2021) – The commander of the state American Legion, Bret Watson, continues to call for the resignation or removal of the Texas General Land Official for comments that he made during a VLB Board Meeting.

On December 2, 2021, the Texas General Land Office, Commissioner George P. Bush sent letters to the Members of the Texas Legislature and to State Commander Watson reporting that CIO Rusty Martin has been relieved of his duties that pertain to the operations of the VLB. Watson stated in his response letter to Commissioner Bush “while this is a step in the right direction it does not correct the problem. Mr. Martin’s remarks were profoundly disrespectful to veterans and their families and there should be more severe consequences.”

Watson also stated in his letter “the response and feedback our staff is receiving from our members, Texas Veterans, and their families, from across the State of Texas, is Mr. Martin has no business being around any veterans’ program or state agency that works with veterans.

Watson continues to urge Texas Veterans and their families to call the Texas General Land Office, the Governor’s Office, the Lt. Governor’s Office, and your local Legislators to ask for their support in getting Mr. Martin to resign or be removed from the Texas General Land Office.

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