District Commanders Race to the Top Winner

Congratulation to 22nd District Commander Jimmy Mitchell and the 22nd District. Jimmy is the 2018 District Commander The Race-to-the-Top competition first place winners in Category III.

He will receive a trip to the national convention and be presented a plaque by the National Commander

Category I

1st     Gregory Spight (MI)     121.45%

2nd     Robin Rucker (SC)        117.71%

3rd     Dennis Morris (GA)      108.33%


Category II

1st     Rod Bradstreet (AL)     102.04%

2nd  Stephen Souza (MA)      101.12%

3rd  No Submission


Category III

1st     Jimmy Mitchell (TX)     111.61%

2nd     Donna Artola (FL)       103.44%

3rd     No Submission


Category IV

No submissions


Category V

1st   Holly Lewis (OH)        100.73%

2nd  No Submission

3rd     No Submission