Coin countdown: A tribute to The American Legion’s origins, legacy

Set to go on sale tomorrow at noon Eastern, the American Legion 100th anniversary coins celebrate the organization’s post-World War I origins and commitment to building a strong America.

Authorized by Congress, these coins are one of two U.S. Mint commemorative coin programs in 2019. Only 50,000 of the $5 gold coins, 400,000 silver dollar coins and 750,000 half-dollar coins will be produced.

Each coin incorporates original designs by members of the Mint’s Artistic Infusion program, inspired by The American Legion’s history and legacy.

• The silver dollar features the American Legion emblem surrounded by oak leaves and a French fleur-de-lis. On the reverse side are crossed U.S. and American Legion flags beneath an arch from the Arc de Triomphe, in another nod to the Legion’s birthplace.

• The $5 gold coin commemorates The American Legion’s birth in Paris in 1919, with the Eiffel Tower and a V for victory; they are encircled by the outer edge of the background of the American Legion emblem, representing the rays of the sun. The coin’s reverse depicts an eagle in flight, symbolizing honor, valor and bravery.

• In a tribute to the Legion’s dedication to 100 percent Americanism and the welfare of youth, the clad half dollar portrays two children, one wearing a parent’s or grandparent’s American Legion cap, saluting a U.S. flag on the coin’s reverse side. The words “I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG …” are on the obverse side, continuing on the back with “ … OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

To purchase an American Legion commemorative coin or coin set, go to or call 1-800-872-6468.