American Legion National Commander issues statement on re-opening federal government

INDIANAPOLIS (January 23,  2018) American Legion National Commander Denise H. Rohan issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s re-opening of the federal government

“The American Legion is grateful to those who helped end the government shutdown,” Rohan said. “We are pleased that a legislative amendment that will guarantee that our troops will be paid during any future shutdown in 2018 was included in the bill that President Trump signed into law, although we think it should be permanent rather than limited to this year. In the meantime, The American Legion encourages Congress and the White House to agree on a real budget and end the practice of continuing resolutions which make long-term planning for our military and our veterans unnecessarily difficult.  The Budget Control Act and defense spending cuts under the last nine years of continuing resolutions have done more harm to the readiness of our military than our nation’s enemies. By not passing a budget, the Congress continues to waste large sums of taxpayer dollars. It’s time for this to stop.” -30-

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