Department Staff


Phone Ext Staff Member & Email Duties
5 Bill West, State Adjutant

• Oversees the Department Employees
• Duties as directed by the Department Executive Committee, Department Commander and Department Constitution and Bylaws.


6 Michael Simon, Director of Internal

• Responsible for the coordination of the following
• Department Programs with the Department Chairman:
• Americanism
• American Legion Baseball
• American Legion Boys State Program
• American Legion Boy Scout Program
• American Legion Jr. Shooting Sports
• Department Legislative program
• American Legion Oratorical program
• Sons of The American Legion Program
• Veterans Issues – (Except handling of claims)
• American Legion Riders• Serves as lobbyist for The American Legion, Dept of Texas
• Responsible ordering and maintaining inventory of all Department Supplies


1 Nancy Bullard, Administrative

• Opens all incoming mail and distributes accordingly.
• Processes all Enhancement Program donations and prepares responses
• Processes all Post 345 membership and transfers
• Processes PUFL applications
• Processes Post and Squadron Constitution & Bylaws
• Process TFA and NEF case paperwork
• Assists with calls pertaining to membership as needed


7 Mamie Hughes, Program

• Works with Director of Internal Affairs to coordinate programs of the Department
• Program Secretary for all Programs
• Advance registration for all Department Meetings
• Boys State Registration
• Secretary for SAL Program
• Processing of S.A.L. membership
• Responsible for Squadron Certifications & Officers
• Handles all Squadron Charters
• Responsible for New Squadron Charters
• Handles call pertaining to SAL membership
• Assists with the preparing of all Manual and program information for all Department programs
• Assist with Membership as needed


2 Emily Robinson, Membership • Responsible for Legion Membership
• Inputs all Legion membership and transfer data into database
• Responsible for producing records for Membership Awards
• Generates reports on membership data for Posts upon request
• Handles calls pertaining to Legion membership
• Inputs data for Membership Reports to Department Website
• Prepares Commission/Committee minutes for Legion meetings

• Post Data Forms
• Consolidated Post Reports
• Process all supply requests
• Certification of Post Officers Certification
• Handles Post Charters

• Processes Cancellation of Post Charters


  Frank Ryan, Department Comptroller (Part-Time)

• Reviews and coordinates with the Department Treasurer
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Processes payroll and Direct Deposits, payroll taxes, and payroll related reports
• Processes all 1099’s for Venders
• Processes, maintains the check and vouchers system
• Responsible for all Bank and Portfolio reconciliations
• Responsible for the posting of all budgets


  F.G. Adams, Webmaster / Legion Times

• Responsible for updating and maintaining the Department Website
• Responsible for the preparing the monthly issue of the Legion Times